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WBE-100 series - Wall-mount embedded modular PC

Full reliability of the PPE panel PC is also provided in the wall-mount version. Based on principles configuration's modularity and optimization , WBE series is the high-level solution for the integration into electric cabinets.
The modular nature lets have different configuration possibilities: expansion slots, devices such as DVD players, CF, or otherwise, additional storage unit with which to create RAID systems, communication boards of various types.

WBE series supports several CPU tecnologies: Single-core Intel Atom, Dual-core Intel Atom, Intel Core-i and new Intel Celeron BayTrail.
Core-i version can Mount i3, i5 and i7 of 2nd and 3rd gen. mobile CPU.

WBE series supports hard disk 2.5" and solid state drives, SSD & CF,recommended for applications where the PC may be subject to vibration or high temperatures, and in any case it is required for FANLESS configurations.

WBE series can be claimed with AC or DC power. Consult the data sheet to learn about the different voltages supported.

The mounting is carried out through holes on the base plate, which allow fixing with screws or plugs to any flat surface, horizontal or vertical.

Supports the following operating systems: Microsoft Windows XP Pro, Windows 7 PRO / ULT.
Furthermore ELMAK is Microsoft Embedded Partner, and is able to develop operating systems Embedded on request, such as WES 2009, WES7 and CE6.0.
PPE series PC are also supported by Ubuntu Linux based systems (from version 10 onwards). Other distributions may be provided on request.

For quick creation of applications for automation, ELMAK provides a complete tool of known and proven quality: Movicon. Thanks to Movicon the customer is able to quickly develop programs to manage their systems and without having to know programming languages. The development tool is free and available upon request. The use of software on client machines is subject to licensing. For information, please contact our sales department.

Technical features

 B3 module: BayTrail N2930 systemB5 module: Braswell N3150 systemB6 module: Intel i3/i5/i7 6-genB2 module: Intel i3/i5/i7 3-gen
MODELIntel Celeron BayTrail N2930Intel Celeron Braswell N3150i3 6100T / i5 6600T / i7 6700Ti3 3120M / i5 3210M / i7 3632QM
CACHE2 MB2 MB3 MB / 6 MB / 8 MB3 MB / 3 MB / 6 MB
CORES442 / 4 / 42 / 2 / 4
DMI--8 GT/s5 GT/S
FREQUENCY1.83GHz1.60 GHz2 x 3,2 GHz / 4 x 2,7 GHz / 4 x 2,8 GHz2 x 2,5 Ghz / 2 x 2,5 Ghz / 4 x 2,2 Ghz
THREADS444 / 4 / 84 / 4 / 8
AUDIOLine-outMic-in, Line-in, Line-outMic-in, Line-in, Line-out
GPIO INTERFACEOnboard 8-bit Digital I/OOnboard 8-bit Digital I/OProgrammable on board 8-bit Digital I/OProgrammable on board 8-bit Digital I/O
VIDEO1 x DVI-I1 x DVI-D1 x DP , 1 x HDMI , 1 x DVI-D1 x RGB, 1 x DP , 1 x HDMI
LAN1 x IEEE 802.3 10/100/1000BASE-T Gigabit2 x Realtek RTL8111G PCI-E Gigabit LAN2 x GigaLan - Intel I211AT + Intel I219LM2 x GigaLan - Intel 82574L + intel 82579LM
SERIAL PORTS3 x RS232 port + 1 x RS232/422/4853 x RS232 port + 1 x RS232/422/4851 x RS232 port + 1 x RS232/422/4853 x RS232 port + 1 x RS232/422/485 (option)
USB3 x USB 2.0 + 1 x USB 3.04 x USB 3.06 x USB 3.02 x USB 2.0 + 2 x USB 3.0
EXPANSION SLOTSNr. 2 Mini-PCIeNr. 1 Mini-PCIe + Nr. 1 PCIEx1Nr. 1 PCIEx16 + Nr. 1 Mini-PCIE (Half size) + Nr. 1 Mini-PCIE (Full size)Nr. 2 Mini-PCIe
WATCHDOG TIMER1sec.~255min SW programmable1sec.~255min SW programmable10 sec.~4095min SW programmable1 sec.~255min SW programmable
VIDEO CARDIntel HD Graphic 4000Intel HD GraphicsIntel HD graphics 530Intel HD graphics 4000
RAMUp to 8 GB DDR3 SoDimm L.V.Up to 8 GB DDR3 SoDimm L.V.Up to 32 GB DDR4 SoDimmUp to 16 GB DDR3 SoDimm
CHIPSET--Intel Q170Intel QM77
AC VOLTAGES90~265 V - 50-60Hz
DC VOLTAGES24 V (18~36 V)
EXPANSION SLOTSOption, depends from version
I/O MODULESUp to 8 + 8 I/O with opto-isolation and relais
REMOVABLE UNITSOption, up to 2 x 2,5" removable units
COOLINGFanless on Atom / Celeron systems. Forced on others.
DIMENSIONS300 x 198 x 57 mm. (basic version)
WORKING TEMP0 - 60° C, non-condensing
HDDFrom 500 GB to 2 TB, also with RAID (expansion module needed)
SOLID STATEFrom 64 GB to 1 TB, SLC or MLC version available