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PCI 3G modem - Internal 3G modem installed on PCI slots (USB)

Internal 3G modem with USB interface ideal for all industrial applications and remote generation.
A USB modem HSDPA / UMTS / EDGE / GPRS, let you connect without apply  and subscribe for additional telephone line, ADSL, etc..
The high-speed technology HSDPA / HSUPA up to 7.2 mbit / s download and 2 Mbit / s upload provides Internet access to the same speed of an ADSL connection via cable, but with the freedom of a wireless connection.
Digicom internal 3G USB modem has been engineered as a traditional internal device for your computer (modems, sound cards, etc). In this way you can place the device in a PCI slot (used only for mechanical fixing).
The interface of the 3G modem is via the USB interface of the internal PC board. The USB 2.0 port is used only for the data connection and not for the power of the card. This choice allows to overcome the limit of a maximum 500 mA supplied from the USB port, resulting in better performance on the field.
3G USB modem has internal an external antenna with a 3m cable, positioned according to the logistics and the best signal. It's possible to remove the antenna supplied  in order to use a higher gain.

Technical features

 PCI 3G modem