TrueFlat Panel PC
The PPE modular panel PC series is characterized by elegant and modern design, but also for great flexibility and adaptability to various applications, due to their modular nature and many configurations available. The modularity guarantees the optimization of space and costs as requested.
Great expandability through the addition of optional modules for communication cards, I / O cards, DVD players, multi-format storage media.
Active-matrix displays with LED backlight guarantees low heat dissipation and high image quality.
10" LCD series
10,1" WideScreen display PC-based series
12" LCD series
15" LCD series
15,6" WideScreen display PC-based series
17" LCD series
18,5" WideScreen display PC-based series
19" LCD series
21,5" WideScreen display PC-based series
24"  WideScreen display PC-based series
Industrial panel monitor PME TF series
Keyboard Modular Panel PC & MONITORS
Expandable Modular Panel PC, PPE series