2 - True Flat panel mount syst
ELMAK offers a complete range of Industrial Panel PCs and monitors that implement the True Flat Touchscreen  techonology disposable as Resistive or Capacitive. Many different versions and high flexibility together with ease of integration, allow us to offer you the right solution: from high performance one to the low cost one,maintaining an excellent quality / price ratio.
ELMAK believes in quality therefore all ELMAK products are designed and manufactured according the stringent quality standardsand same severe is the selection of our components: no compromise, only those who passed the most rigorous quality and durability in harsh environments tests are used in our manufacturing.
Resistive True Flat Modular Panel PC, PPE
Projective Capacitive True Flat Modular Panel PC PPE
Industrial Panel Monitor Resistive True Flat, PME RTF
Industrial Panel Monitor Projective Capacitive True Flat, PME PCT